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God’s been robbed. We’re breaking the thief out of Hell to find out where he stashed the goods.

Are you in?

Normally Hell would never relinquish a soul, but after a tumultuous infernal fiscal crisis/civil cold war, Pride’s out, and Greed is in. Guards have been downsized, security assets have been sold, and the Forces of Good have hatched a plot. Yet even in destitution, Hell is still dangerous. There are only a few heroes strong enough to attempt such a mission: your players!

A Privatized Little Hell is a 5e compatible Black Comedy Dungeon Crawl for roughly four characters of sixteenth level. This is a high-level hellscape that’ll keep your players chuckling, gasping, and fighting to escape. Warning: this adventure will kick your ass and charge you for the pleasure!

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In development since July 28th 2021, this adventure module written by Austin Holm (Doom Desert in the Decanter of Delirium, Moon Elves' Masquerade, and The Divisible Man) blends the wild imaginings of its author between the surreal, the pragmatic, and the sinister. Now we need your help! By preordering, you secure your copy of this high-quality 48+ page adventure for the world's most popular role-playing game!

We are taking this project at our own pace and will ship it when it is done, probably in 2024. By preordering, you will be rewarded with early access to the art,  adventure content, playtest material, and a behind-the-scenes peek at the development process. Surprise reward available to the first 100 preorders! Get yours today and get hyped!

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