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Into The Tomb

You step into the dank cave clutching your torch, wishing the light would shine a little brighter or the shadows would retreat more—the water, flowing in the entrance with you, pools on one half of the dig site. The cave stretches on beyond, so you decide to stick to the dry side and keep moving. Did you slip? No, something pulled you, oh saints! A group of decrepit vampires emerges from the icy depths and attack. Outnumbered, you survey the melee to find your ally has fallen. They are dragging her further into the cave! After them!


I’m Jesse, a writer working with WatcherDM to bring you high-quality RPG material. Along with Paul, I made comics for several years as IkthFantasy. These days, I am writing adventures and RPG supplements and running dark fantasy Quest games on weekends through startplaying.games. I wrote the Black Knight prestige role for Quest, and the D&D supplement Strahd's Evil Plans.  When writing Tomb of the Vampire General, my goal was to make the adventure: 

  • Easy to run.
  • Interesting to play. 
  • Full of unusual & inspiring ideas.


Hi, I'm Gabriel. I created WatcherDM in the spring of 2021 to accomplish a couple of goals.

  • First, I wanted to find a way for me and my super creative friends to work on tabletop role-playing content together. We are all huge fans of these games and enjoy playing and running.
  • Second, I wanted to bring some of the awesome imaginative stuff we nerds think of to the world. Even if just one GM, guide, or player has fun with the stuff we've made, it has been worth it.
  • Third, I wanted to see what was possible with these creations if we didn't skimp on the investment. Hiring professional artists and writers and paying them what they are worth allows us to create truly compelling content that we can all be proud of.
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Get this game and 504 more for $5.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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